How Reading Papers Helps You Be a More Effective Data Scientist

This approach is highly recommended. I prefer a different way- I usually focus on systematic reviews and discussions to substantiate the key giveaways. I summarise most of the articles I come across and skim through the title ideas.

Oh well, I use AI to speed up and automate my workflows.

How to read papers?

A google search for “how to read papers” returns innumerable useful results. But if you find it overwhelming, here’s a couple that I found helpful:

The classic three-pass approach (and a three-minute video version)

OMSCS 6460 How To Read An Academic Paper: Advice from a favourite Prof

Interviews with other scientists sharing their approach

An approach for engineering-research papers

Reassurance that we’re not the only ones finding it hard

How Reading Papers Helps You Be a More Effective Data Scientist

Follow the link above and you may be able to incorporate some ideas in the workflows.

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