Paper VI: Adjuvant or early salvage XRT for treatment of localised and locally advanced prostate cancer

I somehow missed this important paper along with RADICALS RT. This paper is a meta-analysis of RCT’s for the timing of radiation- early salavge versus “progression”. The data is extremely heterogenous and there are many flaws in the supporting arguments. Nevertheless, I have included the paper as well as the summary. I hope you find it useful.

There was no evidence to suggest that the effect of adjuvant radiotherapy on event-free survival varied according to pre-surgical prostate-specific antigen, Gleason score, seminal vesicle involve­ ment, surgical margins, or CAPRA-S risk group

The usual disclaimers apply- submission was done anonymously. Only the word summary can be downloaded. The purpose of the blog is educational and I don’t have any commercial interest in either distribution of the content or it’s display (I don’t earn any revenue from the blog).

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