TSMC and Graphcore Prepare for AI Acceleration on 3nm

I have been looking at TSMC with keen interest. The new AMD’s are extremely awe inspiring (despite the limited laptop models shipping out with it by default) but it will the year of AMD in 2021 when the new chip architechture ships out.

Meanwhile the new 3 mm AI chip is being pushed out by the hardware wizards- it means it would offer a higher transistor density and potentially faster AI calculations. It won’t make it to your regular desktops, yet but it would be used for industrial applications.

One of the side announcements made during TSMC’s Technology Symposium was that it already has customers on hand with product development progressing for its future 3nm process node technology. As we’ve reported on previously, TSMC is developing its 3nm for risk production next year, and high volume manufacturing in the second half of 2022, so at this time TSMC’s lead partners are already developing their future silicon on the initial versions of the 3nm PDKs.

TSMC and Graphcore Prepare for AI Acceleration on 3nm

The future is growing rapidly indeed!

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