But I Saw It on Facebook’: Hoaxes Are Making Doctors’ Jobs Harder

This is a chilling account of how the social media networks are conditioning the end users to even disregard the professional opinion and rely on Facebook for medical advise (and subsequent support). As Facebook is primarily an advertising network, the targeted advertisements will make it worse for everyone involved.

In the emergency room and in conversations with the American public through cable news interviews and Op-Eds like this one, we’ve both been working to dissect and debunk the many myths about this new virus, its potential treatments and the possibility of a vaccine. We read the mistruths on our patient’s phones, listen to theories borrowed from internet chat rooms and watch as friends and family scroll through Facebook saying, “Here — it says that this was definitely created in a Chinese laboratory.”

Opinion | ‘But I Saw It on Facebook’: Hoaxes Are Making Doctors’ Jobs Harder – The New York Times

We need to be mindful of the claims of social media as well as the purveyors.

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