The Social Media Problem

I have written extensively about the “social media” problem and why it shouldn’t be relied upon in the healthcare. While coursing through the net, I stumbled on this excellent write up and deserves a good read. The emphasis is mine:

And that – I realized belatedly – is exactly why it works. Social media has created a fabric where the gullible and the amok makers can reach ech other, totally free of friction. And there are a lot of gullible people out there. Scientology for instance, managed to create a foothold in almost every country where they wanted to operate simply by standing around on the street. No web, no social media, nothing. Just plain old conversational skills. And bit by bit they pull otherwise healthy and well thinking individuals into their web of lies and deception, in the meantime fleecing them of all their money.

The Social Media Problem · Jacques Mattheij

Here’s another:

So, where is this all leading: we have a sizeable fraction of planet Earth now communicating in near real time with the ability to spread both good and bad information. Filtering out the bad from the good is going to be very important if we don’t want to accidentally lose such minor marbles as our democracies, our health and our safety. The complot theory adherents are only going to sink further away in their own little quagmires, they are not interested in seeing their views challenged.

Try and understand this in the context of journal papers for example. How can you condense the nuances in 240 characters? The “tweetorials” are just a waste of time then because they can be interpreted out of context and without any basis. It is not limited to oncology but this fad is catching up with other streams too and is not a good medium for academic exchange.

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