Academic Grandstanding

The frauds in academic don’t stop coming. I realized about this blog post and I am quoting the relevant sections. It has all the issues which I had been rallying about- broken peer review process, editorial “oversights” and the abuse of the “open access” journals which are almost akin to a “bribe” to publish. I am not alleging that all open access publications have the same confounding issues. I am mentioning about the need to have robust oversight and read scientific papers without suspending your reason or logic.

 Imagine my surprise when I heard Christian had somehow managed to publish his nonsense. I thought this impossible; the vote had been 3 to 2 for rejection. I checked and found that indeed, the paper had gotten accepted after submitting a revision. However,I was not contacted by the journal to review the revision.

Here’s another:

Perhaps this is a symptom of a larger systemic problem with open journals who are paid by the authors to get their papers (usually rejected elsewhere) published. When your salary and livelihood depend on the people you are supposed to enforce rules upon, the temptation to bend those rules is high.

The covid world has shown ample examples where the editorial oversight has been glanced over in favour of publishing even questionable results in “prestigious” journals. Their value needs to be determined in today’s context.

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