Thoughts on hardware: Has Intel lost its mojo?

selective focus photography of motherboard
Photo by Pok Rie on

I had written about my developing thoughts on hardware choices and my deep dive efforts to understand the chip industry- as an impartial observer on the sidelines. It is a fascinating world of silicon that helps to crunch the numbers. It is the soul of the algorithms/machine learning and the artificial intelligence that promises to be the future.

Intel has been suffering several defeats by turning in from a manufacturing company to a marketing company. Here’s one aspect:

How could Intel have fallen so deeply? Over the past few years, several former employees have stepped forward, blaming a drastic change in corporate culture. Recently, they were joined by François Piednoël, who left Intel in 2017 after serving as a principal engineer and performance architect for twenty years. On 4 August, Piednoël posted a Youtube video called “How to fix Intel,” in which he blames a management culture that favors MBAs over technical expertise for making bad technical decisions over the past few years.

Has Intel lost its mojo? – Bits&Chips

There’s something more interesting here:

Thus, Intel became a company that enjoyed the unusual combination of high volumes and high margins. Such a business proved highly addictive, gradually turning the behemoth into a spreadsheet-managed one-trick pony. Ironically, this is exactly what Andy Grove (1936-2016), Intel CEO from 1987 to 2004, had always been most afraid of. “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive,” stated the man who more than anyone built Intel’s culture of drive, focus, execution and innovation.

From a pure engineering company to one being driven through spreadsheets! It has a huge lesson for the Universities, stuck in the rut of pandemic. They would need to drastically rethink their business models by cutting on the marketing costs/ focused research and emphasis on generating IP.

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