Workflows:Build tools around workflows, not workflows around tools

This was an interesting post- building your own tools.

No tool is perfect, and I remain deeply circumspect about the ones that promise to increase your “efficiency”. I was genuinely surprised to come across several newsletters discussing the same issue and have built their businesses around “super-organising”.

When we resort to having other people build tools for us, the tools they build might never quite perfectly fit our workflows, because they’re not built for our individual minds.
When other people build tools for us to use, they either design tools after their own workflows and mental models, or worse, they design it for a mass market of millions of people who all sort-of-but-not-really work and think in similar ways.

The result is that mass-market productivity tools don’t fit the way our individual minds are predisposed to work. Instead, to use these tools, we need to bend our workflows to fit around the tools.

Build tools around workflows, not workflows around tools |

I think it might be workable to wrap around the existing tool chains to make them work too, in your favor. However, it requires a thorough analysis to understand the intent behind creation of the tool. Enjoy!

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