Web by Google

There are very important takeaways here. It is again essential to understand this in context because the big tech has become monopolies. They will “disrupt” healthcare. I am not sure if policy makers understand “breaking” it up- I am not a legal expert, but it found a mention in some also ran presidential candidate. For those less privileged than presidential candidates (and those who are reading this blog!) here’s the blurb:

Two deficiencies have determined the course the Web has taken: lack of native search and lack of native payments.

Lacking native distributed search allowed Google to grab a monopoly position as the entry point to the web. The Web’s orignal architects were off base on hyperlinks; it turns out people just want to skip right to the answer they’re looking for.

There was once the beginnings of an alternative in public bookmarking sites, but social networks came and sucked all the air out of that space.

Lack of a safe and easy way of exchanging funds was a big factor in advertising becoming the dominant business model on the Web. No-charge services became the norm because, for a long time, there was no reasonable way to pay for them.

Enter advertising to fill the void. I think it’s safe to say that Google’s AdWords is the dominant advertising platform on the open Web, which means it holds a commanding position in the Web’s finances.

Web by Google (TM)

Native payments was tried before through “micro-payments”. If the content is free and users don’t mind advertisements, why even bother to pay? The “cost per impressions” is ridiculously low and the metric to measure/quantify impact of online advertisements is flawed. That’s one reason I don’t run any advertisements here.

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