Do I Need Kubernetes?

Here’s an excellent run down of Kubernetes:

Kubernetes isn’t just a 2018-era buzzword. It’s a robust, highly scalable system that allows you to construct application deployments out of well-considered primitives (PodServiceIngress etc) then does its damnedest to make the reality match. When applications crash it restarts them. When whole swathes of underlying machines disappear it tries to replace them. If you’re running numerous services (probably developed as a microservice architecture) and you’re looking for efficiency, resilience and a good story for deployment it can do a lot for you.

One advantage of having a blog is to explore everything in between-understand technology from a healthcare perspective. I have always argued for a “hybrid” approach- on premise solutions along with whatever requires mandated in the cloud. However, once data is out of the premises, no amount of “non-disclosure agreements” can help. Here’s the complete run down here:

If you have only a handful of services that you don’t expect to multiply there are probably easier, cheaper ways to host your tech stack. Look at AWS ECS (especially in conjunction with Fargate), rewriting your APIs or batch jobs as Lambdas / Cloud Functions or even hosting your applications with a simple PaaS provider like Heroku.

And retro as it sounds, don’t overlook the value and robustness that can come from running simple low-traffic applications on a couple of well-maintained Linux boxes.Security and compliance requirements may affect your decision.

If it’s mandatory to host the workload on-premises you’re likely to see large operational overheads, and while that doesn’t preclude the use of Kubernetes a more traditional solution might fit you better. If you need to use a set of add-ons but compliance requires that you vet every piece of software you run the effort might not be realistic.

Do I Need Kubernetes?

Technology is always shiny. Newer technology is shinier still.

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