Apple Watch: Goodbye

Consider this (emphasis mine):

I find it atrocious to use vibrations for the notifications. To me, the vibrating wristwatch feels like an electrical collar.

It’s that same feeling I got with a past client that required I use a time tracker that tracks everything I do on my computer — feeling like cattle.

I find it fascinating that modern society considers vibrations on a wrist whenever someone sends you a message in a chat app that is online 24-7 a useful feature and not a form of torture. I might be weird in this way, but I don’t even have notifications enabled on my phone for most things that are considered normal. Disabling most of the notifications might be the best decision I’ve made for improving my wellbeing.

Goodbye Apple Watch · Hrvoje Šimić

These three things stood out for wearables. They have conditioned the society to speak to the machines, and the interface between humans and machines is blurring rapidly. The author emphasises it as an electrical collar and the feeling of being cattle.

The wearables market (and hence the biomedical sensors) has not included these reactions. Perhaps these are outliers, but you can’t ignore them completely.

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