Siilo: Another “medical chat app”

I find it amusing that companies are springing up to address the “GDPR requirements” for the hospitals. Everyone has known WhatsApp in personal life and not progressed beyond it.

Hence, these transformational “case reports” appear to be out of a different world. It is because I have provisioned Signal app and Telegram for work (and play) without the issues related to “privacy”. Those are overblown anyway.

The entire Orthopaedics and Major Trauma team at St. George’s use Siilo regularly to securely share patient data.

Since Siilo’s implementation, nearly 20,000 messages have been exchanged per year between 204 active members.Siilo has helped both teams deliver a higher quality of patient care faster by bringing experts from different specialties together, even beyond institutional walls. ​“In a major emergency situation, for example, we can quickly form groups of appropriate medical professionals inside a hospital or between hospitals,” explains Lui. 

Siilo | Transformation at St. George’s University Hospitals

I am not sure if you’d rely on a chat application in case of an emergency. As they are unverified accounts of usage, I would still take them with a pinch of salt. It provides me an impetus to work on something similar.

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