Public Health Emergency- Adopting uniform standards

The current coronavirus pandemic has exposed the fragmented system of healthcare delivery without adopting “uniform standards”. I don’t foresee any movement in this direction unless they address multiple vested interests. It would take a massive reboot for “backend retooling” before we can see any meaningful uptake.

I laud the private initiatives to take this forward with the establishment of a “trust”; however, it would come with strings attached. The coronavirus pandemic has also exposed the failings of “big tech” or the generated hype of “artificial intelligence”. It could have been its moment of truth, but it wasn’t.

The group is, in many ways, trying to accomplish what the government has been so far unable to do: develop a unified strategy for deploying technology in a public health emergency. Giants like Apple and Google have dedicated resources to building contact-tracing apps, but the federal government has left it to the states to decide which tool to use, leading to paltry adoption rates across the country. Transferring patient data between health systems, meanwhile, remains clunky at best due to a patchwork system of medical record tools that don’t always speak the same language.

We’re in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. Big tech is already preparing for the next one. – Protocol

This merits a closer look though I couldn’t find their website.

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