Telemedicine: Our remote work future is going to suck

This is a highly dystopian view of remote work, but there are enough parallels with the telemedicine too. I have been arguing to rejig the frameworks for Telemedicine. A doctor is not a glorified typist + call centre operator to diagnose medical conditions. Although, the initial interaction with the bots/AI/ “smart equipment” can easily upend the healthcare industry. The warning signs are clear in the open.

I am sure medical professionals will write the same eulogies too- the “death of hospitals” might be a long form write up in New Yorker (if it survives).

First, being more productive isn’t the only goal of working, but let’s put that to the side. Second, Fried is right, you do gain a bit of freedom from your boss (which doubles as a loss of a mentor, but we’ll get to that). You also gain “freedom” from your colleagues and collaborators.

Which means you’re effectively on your own.This is empowering to some, but the isolation can mean your contributions are easily overlooked or misunderstood.

As a result, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend at (especially larger) remote companies: Some managers often have no clue what their direct reports are doing and how they are doing it.

Performance reviews are difficult enough under normal circumstances. But how do you judge someone when you can only see their output and never their process? Marketers, project managers, product managers, growth marketers, and others spend their days supporting or maintaining existing things.

Our remote work future is going to suck

We need to get real. Embrace the technology (and trends) accordingly and strengthen.

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