How to start blogging:Why Medium is Not the Home for Your Ideas

Always own the platform. There is a little learning curve- owning the domain and design of the front end. However, a minor investment of time will get you rolling.

Medium’s algorithms are deplorable. They can choose to “shadowban” if they don’t agree with your perceptions. I don’t want to veer in the debates related to “Censorship” but it is preferable to own the content and the medium to display it.

I thought my blog hosting days were behind me. Medium was going to be my one-stop blogging destination.But then, came the hammer.

Medium’s content moderation algorithm blocked my profile by mistake without a notice.I didn’t even realise that my Medium profile wasn’t visible to anyone but me.

I assumed since I haven’t written for some time, my views started dropping naturally.

Why Medium is Not the Home for Your Ideas – The Hulry

Metrics are also useless. Page views are determined by “visitors” landing on the web page with no inkling of how much time they spent.

Blogging is about writing that would help you frame your thoughts cohesively.

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