AI in Surgery: Hype and more hype!

This is precisely the reason why AI is a solution looking for a problem. I see everything hyped so much that it ceases to be a wonder when the actual product demos.

The goal of integrating AI decision making with human surgical capabilities is to reduce medical errors. Preventable surgical errors cost US health care $36 billion and cause 400,000+ deaths every year.

Developers like Activ are trying to improve that performance by harnessing the best of human decision making and coupling it with AI/ML tools designed to assist surgeons. 

Activ’s platform is hardware-agnostic and integrates computer vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics to enable existing surgical systems like scopes or robots to visualize and track tissue better than humans could. 

Big backing to pair doctors with AI-assist technology | ZDNet

I don’t buy in the VC funded crap here. It requires validation and a clear elucidation of what works and the end goals.

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