Beware of what you read: Inside Big Tech’s Years-Long Manipulation Of American Op-Ed Pages

I stumbled on this newsletter from a forum link and it lays the incestous relationship between big tech and the mainstream media. It is ironical (and surprising) because the same technology is “killing” the media leading to power concentration. I am not inclined to cover the power politics but suffice to say that “grasstops” Op-Ed’s are to be viewed suspiciously.

The same op-ed’s will argue for algorithms in healthcare and I can see finding being directed through proxy organisations.

In the policy world, planting op-eds from ‘independent’ third parties is so common it has a name: “Grasstops,” a word derived from grassroots. Grasstops advocacy is not limited to the tech giants, but these companies and their allies are especially adept at using the practice to fight off regulation. As antitrust inquiries against them build in the US, it’s worth reading op-eds supporting their positions with healthy skepticism.

Inside Big Tech’s Years-Long Manipulation Of American Op-Ed Pages – Big Technology from Alex Kantrowitz

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