Failure: Lessons from my third failed startup

These are wise words indeed! I always look for failures. It is because they teach you more and force you re-think your strategies. A smarter way to look at it is to go back in time and understand what could be done differently.

Another takeaway here is to stick to the algorithms/ development stacks that work. A shiny new product promising the moon is left for a time when you have other pursuits.

It’s tempting to look at a startup as a place where you can have fun. Where you can play around with the most popular technology of today. An escape from that pesky legacy application you have to maintain in your day job. But this comes at a price.

Play with technology that excites you as much as you want, but do it on the side. Don’t call that a startup. That’s more of a fun experiment than a startup.

Make exciting things in the product, not in the tech stack. Make it interesting to the people you serve.

Not for yourself, at least not in the tech stack.Getting pageviews on an article about the exotic tech stack you use should not be your startup’s goal.

Lessons from my third failed startup · Hrvoje Šimić

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