Building a Community: Opportunity Exposure and the Internet Echo Chamber

The author is very optimistic about building a “community” where he ascribes it to “serendipity” and “echo chamber”. The best communities usually have a vocal minority and a quiet majority. However, it is difficult to sustain the “silent-bob-effect”.

Personally, I have never been motivated with “groups or communities” as it encourages tribalism and promotes group-think. For good or bad- these are for the psychological majors to ponder over. However, it involves considerable effort to build a community and sustain it.

There are many people out there who are skilled at finding completely novel things online, it’s just something you have to seek out. Maybe someone could build something to provide that necessary element of randomness, some kind of esoteric online community. Maybe real life will always trump in opportunity creation. The internet is still very young, and has lots of growing to do.

Why You Need a Community: Opportunity Exposure and the Internet Echo Chamber – Excavations

One of the oft-repeated complaints in WhatsApp groups is related to how individuals are pushed (or added) in them with a barrage of messages that purport to “educate” or “motivate”. I am not going down on that road but building up communities that inform and educate are difficult; especially if you have to enforce rules.

I’d strongly encourage to explore Telegram groups that have powerful moderation options (and bot management) to bring order and streamline discussions. I wonder how Twitter purports itself as a “democratic medium”.

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