Beyond Technology Hype-IV

This is a continuation of the series with a deep dive on an excellent write by Jeffrey Funk. I am looking at the parallels in healthcare.

Interestingly, the graph on declining venture capital investments in science-based industries is instructive.

It was painfully apparent during the covid pandemic wherein the essential items like personnel protection equipment and ventilators had to be imported from a single source. There’s a lot of politics behind the supply chains and the resulting inefficiency, and it is not the focus on this blog.

For more in-depth reading, I’ll suggest the following two:

Hype by Scientific American

Hype by MIT.

I wonder if someone has done the econometric analysis for the immunotherapies. Will the scientific journals be accountable for them? We cannot reverse the clock on the hype and I don’t expect any rectification on the current stance. They represent the “cutting-edge” of our ingrained belief in the “miracles”. Frankly, a positive result in the outlier doesn’t portend applicability in a wider cohort.

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