The DARPA Model for healthcare-I

I have been working on the ideas on healthcare innovation- it is essential to be ahead of the loop. We need to have a clear-headed vision of science policy and define projects accordingly.

Scientific research (in any form) can benefit society if it has a trickle down effect. I am surprised that the brightest minds in engineering and mathematics join fancy corporations to sell groceries. It is a poor reflection of the standards of education- a constrained system of faculties, limited scope for academia and poor remuneration.

The traditional funding model in academia has come under scrutiny and much more after the pandemic. Research spending is gregarious, and it is apparent that getting a “seat on the table” to make “voices heard” is practically buying your way through. Curiosity driven research is “passe” as it is usually without an end goal. I remember sitting through several presentations with prize money for “research”. While the “beauty contest” of the “ideas” was on, the committee, in all its wisdom, backed “research” in basic biology- to know more about something that we already know of.

How does that translate into better outcomes?

These questions merit a deeper consideration and I will attempt to understand the model in terms of broad technological strokes and how it has affected the existing domains that have wide ramifications.

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