Inbox Zero: Automated Workflow For Your Email

I rarely comment on the foibles of Apple, but it was apparent when Basecamp ranted about its recent email service. Instead of calling it out as “redefining” and “reimagine” email, they had a showdown with Apple and then magically, the app launched. There was a brief burst of activity and they could cut through the rapid news cycle.

Brilliant strategy.

Except, because people refuse to dig deeper in existing tools. My email is filtered and for all the excellent reasons- I hardly get spam and it is worth the initial investment of time to define (and refine) workflows.

So someone made a similar product proposition as Hey email and here it is:

The only mail that lends into the “Imbox” (how they name the important inbox) is from senders the user allowed. The first time they receive an email from someone, it ends in a staging zone, and then the user need to screen senders and decide if they want to receive emails from them, and where they want these email to lend: 1. in the imbox, 2. in a set of “feeds” (email that is casually read), 3. in the “paper trail” (receipts, …).

Screenr: Automated Workflow For Your Email – Stuff I Built

Choose wisely! There is usually no reason to “subscribe” to a service because it has beautiful shiny fonts.

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