Anti-Telemedicine! Stop Medical Distancing

I cannot comment on how the American Health Organisations “advise” patients but the usual excellent Dr Bryan has a good take on this. He’s batting for Telemedicine- which is a loose moniker for everything- a computer in front of a “medical health provider”.

Of course, I don’t agree with that suggestion but is a radical new way of tooling existing workflows to make something “better”. Should the hospitals push for Telemedicine?

Stop medical distancing recommends that you stay six feet from one another except for your doctor.

FWIW, there’s no mention of staying home and close to your computer monitor.

As hospitals squander this opportunity to create novel channels of health delivery through remote care, the stop medical distancing is the closest thing you’ll see to an anti-telemedicine campaign.

Stop Medical Distancing – 33 Charts

I think the huge attendant costs are related to the buildings (and facilities) and the obvious reluctance of insurers to reimburse for what they essentially feel about the “actual costs” once you remove the “real-estate” from the equation.

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