Twitter Medicine: The Balkanization Of Social Media is an interesting experiment in “social media”. The serve the interests of First Amendment for “free-speech” which means that it is not beholden to algorithms and other “liberal nonsense”. I had been wrapping my head around at attempts to force the advertising channel as a medium of exchange. However, beyond the perfunctory “network connections” and social validation, it offers nothing of value.

I agree that people need a space to discuss but Twitter hardly allows for any semblance of discussion and often represents “doomscrolling”- an endless stream of negative news that is designed to keep you hooked.

Thats why this blog post caught my attention and I do foresee a shift towards a niche for medicine on Twitter and ironically would also increase the resistance of users to shift out of the platform. Partly because of network effects and partly out of refusal to learn the “new tricks”. Twitter does make it easier to “recommend” whom to follow.

The fragmentation and balkanization of social networking is accelerating faster than even I imagined it would back in 2016 when I started Gab. Balkanization is a geopolitical term which describes the “process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states, which are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.”

Alternative technology companies and products are popping up daily and niche communities are gathering in new places with people who share their values.

People are spending less time on centralized Silicon Valley data silos and instead migrating to decentralized, open source products and communities like Gab, Minds, and others.

Unlike Silicon Valley venture capitalists would have you believe: social media in this new paradigm is not a winner-take-all medium. There will be hundreds of options for consumers and communities will form around shared ideals and beliefs.

The Balkanization Of Social Media – Gab News

I have never been much fan of the Silicon Valley companies. They had started out with a lot of promise and is part of my ongoing dialogue on “innovation”. Social networks have been designed for psychological manipulation at scale. Maybe, a solution like Gab will be the way forward. However, I reiterate that experience on Telegram groups remains unparalleled.

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