Telemedicine: In telemedicine’s time to shine, why are doctors abandoning it?

I had earlier written about why Telemedicine isn’t proving itself to be a stellar/shining jewel but the hype seems to have subsided. In a refreshing insight from Stat News, here’s what the author has to say:

Implementing telemedicine isn’t easy. To do it well, a physician practice must buy appropriate technology and train staff and patients to use it. It takes time to help an 80-year-old unfamiliar with technology do a video visit. New workflows must be introduced. If a patient needs a laboratory test, for example, where do you send them? Clinical schedules need to be changed. Documentation protocols must be updated. And on and on.

In telemedicine’s time to shine, why are doctors abandoning it? – STAT

It took a lot of time for the previous generation to switch over from manual to “computerisation” and I have explored (at various intervals of time) about the policy interventions required to “stimulate”. Primarily, broadband needs to be declared as a national asset to get a “right of way” and reach the underserved communities.

Educating the end user will be another challenge, though. That’s why the UX/UI becomes even more paramount where it should be relatively simpler to connect to the broadband and meet up the physician.

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