Analysis paralysis

I stumbled on this wonderful link from an article somewhere and it completely encapsulates the feeling (I believe) that most of the people have: analysis paralysis.

Here’s the gist:

Analysis paralysis is when the fear of either making an error, or foregoing a superior solution, outweighs the realistic expectation or potential value of success in a decision made in a timely manner. This imbalance results in suppressed decision-making in an unconscious effort to preserve existing options. An overload of options can overwhelm the situation and cause this “paralysis”, rendering one unable to come to a conclusion. It can become a larger problem in critical situations where a decision needs to be reached, but a person is not able to provide a response fast enough, potentially causing a bigger issue than they would have, had they made a decision.

For example, choosing a platform where everyone is versus no one to give them validation. Network effects are extremely critical to make or break a platform, for example. When someone unaware of potential pitfalls of the mainstream networks, still makes a decision to be there (despite the pitfalls) it could be attributed to analysis paralysis.

One feels that if others are there, there could be no mistake.

via Analysis paralysis – Wikipedia

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