Apple: Here’s How to Stop the Antitrust Investigations

There has been a fair amount of ink that has flowed to support “indie developers and companies/startups” that have been “sherlocked” by Apple. In simpler words, Apple adopted the popular applications as its own “innovation” and in effect killed the competition in one stroke. For example, the vaunted “continuity” that allows “seamless connectivity between iOS and MacOS” was actually some application called as “Sidecar”.

Apple nixed it by adopting the same idea as its own.

This uneven playing field has created an environment where Apple is competing against third-party developers with unfair insider knowledge, which ultimately slows down innovation across the entire app ecosystem. If developers have access to better APIs, developers will build more innovative apps with more comprehensive integration with Apple’s hardware. And ultimately, consumers get better products! 

Dear Apple: Here’s How to Stop the Antitrust Investigations – Astropad

My intention to highlight this is that as Apple is moving into healthcare, these are the ugly facets of the company that escapes the public at large. iOS is “popular” because it doesn’t offer any means to tinker or adapt. The “innovation” goes at a glacial pace and it is still adopting a lot of ideas that BlackBerry had pioneered in the 2010-14 era.

Monopoly is bad and a public trust based on deceptive marketing is worse.

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