3 Ways to Make Your Writing Clearer

I agree about the part-writing is hard.

That’s why the blog. You choose the bits that interest you; highlight and write your own narrative. However, when it comes to the big stuff, it can get overwhelming quickly.

Writing is hard, and writing under deadline pressure is even harder. If you’re like many of the writers I work with, you may be squandering precious minutes before your deadline making relatively minor sentence-level edits — changing a word here, cutting a word there (and then putting it back). You should certainly spell-check and proofread every document before you click submit. But if your message isn’t as clear as it needs to be, changing the word “purchase” to “buy” is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: it won’t save you.

One of the reasons why I took to blogging was to help me see the big picture. I don’t merely read; I scan the Internet for a vast swathe of literature. Of course, it is narrowed to my interests but it usually takes about three hours of a daily habit to figure out what needs to be done. I have developed a highly efficient workflow and can now utilise technology tools to make the process even better.

Recommended read.

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