#Technology: Look to the fringes for the innovation that will shake up Big Tech

I agree with the author here:

“Decentralisation” has been the rallying cry for opponents of today’s corporate tech power. It has, for instance, helped to drive the rise of cryptocurrencies, which at their heart are based on protocols that prevent any form of central authority. Meanwhile, Tim Berners-Lee, the British scientist who invented the world wide web, has been having another go, this time with a set of technology standards that would leave users with more control.

How, though, could open standards and protocols like these foster a new era of competition in tech, when billions of people have already entrusted their digital lives to a handful of giant companies?

However, it is a bit of naivete that big tech will, in any way “foster open standards and communication”. It is an antithesis to their business models.

via Look to the fringes for the innovation that will shake up Big Tech | Financial Times

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