EHR: Epic Bristol bags £454m in UK deals as creaking care sector chases digital transformation

I usually refrain from commenting on industry news here but this merits attention- a universal EHR for Northern Ireland. I think that Singapore has a similar system. The advantages are obvious- a seamless connectivity for the users and healthcare providers.

However, I have deliberated on this issue with several industry people and as a matter of policy, I believe that the government should provide a common robust backbone and let the market compete with innovation for the product (EMR). We require innovation in the user space and a monolithic organisation would crumple on diverse demands of several institutions who are not geared towards digital mindset.

In the first, the software company has been awarded a deal to support and develop an integrated electronic health and care record system across acute, community, social and primary care settings for Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI).Unusually for the UK, Northern Ireland has an integrated health and social care system. The aim of the contract is to provide a single health and social care record for every citizen in the region.Under the terms of the deal, worth £273.4m, the supplier is expected to provide information systems and servers, software packages, developer skills, data services, consultancy and software support. The deal is for 10 years with an option to extend for another five.

Electronic health records firm Epic Bristol bags £454m in UK deals as creaking care sector chases digital transformation • The Register

User anxiety with technology (hardware) and inefficient user interface makes it expensive to provide customer support. Besides, it is difficult, if not impossible, for most users to explain what they see on screen for remote support that would raise the costs for on-premise support too. Top down technological innovation would happen if the “bottom” is willing to support it!

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