Apple Healthcare: The Next Processor Change is Within ARMs Reach

I had written about Apple’s healthos (which got a lot of traction on the net. While there are several write-ups trying to dissect the issue in inane detail, I am highlighting a pertinent issue from one of the Reddit posts. I rarely link there (as they can get taken down); however, this merits a wider exposure. It would have immense implications for AI (as a system on a chip); especially when the lines between the GPU’s and the CPU’s are merging.

I am interested purely from a tech perspective (and not as a consumer) because their existing lines are genuinely “underpowered”.

The x86_64 architecture is very old and inefficient, using older methodologies for processor design (CISC vs ARM’s RISC), and the instruction set continues to require support in silicon for emulating 1980s-vintage 16-bit modes, as well as ineffectual and archaic memory addressing modes (segmentation, etc.) The x86_64 architecture is like a city, built atop a much older city, built atop a yet older city, but every layer is built with NYC infrastructure levels of complexity that suited its time and no further.

The Next Processor Change is Within ARMs Reach : apple

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