The importance of collaboration

This is a developing idea and a thought on the medical research. I have covered the ideas on innovation and have been genuflecting on the broad applicability of whatever we write. I am keen to develop a mechanism for cross-border collaboration.

Yesterday, I reached out to an organisation on addressing the genuine issues facing the “diffusion of research”. They were holding a webinar on the rare tumours with “patient voices”. It is good and possibly relevant in the socio-cultural matrix. However, these ideas don’t have a practical relevance in “rest of the world” when you zoom out of the narrow confines. It is tantamount to a lip service.

Basic research is a good idea- however, the broad application in the post covid world will require a fine-toothed comb to understand its impact. I would have pushed for a diffusion on digital pathology and a cross border collaboration for radiology images with tumour board discussions. An essential component is to follow up on the patients, provide cheaper reagents and best lab practises for effective collaboration and routine interactions with the self-styled experts.

A lottery based grant system with wise people on the committee needs to be relooked. As much as I detest paperwork and bureaucracy, it impedes the free flow of thoughts. I have been also looking at the ideas of corporate R&D labs and was speaking to someone yesterday- bulk of ideas can be generated in house without expending funds on outsourcing. The generated intellectual property is more valuable that providing service depending on third party systems.

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