Why is Artificial Intelligence So Useless for Business?

AI as the “death knell” for the jobs is now a familiar heading. However, the author convincingly argues that it is not the case. There’s nothing equivalent of “transfer learning” in the current AI models that would enable a seamless transition for automation. It could be possible for the EMR’s but I am scratching my head there. It has tons of discrepancies there and I really wonder if the “breakthroughs” being announced have any real meaning.

We require structured data from the outset and that requires an institutional framework with doubling down on UI/UX interfaces. I find it rather odd that the most brilliant minds can hold fleeting attention spans for hours on social media, but there is no way to affect the data entry in the EMR (or Excel Sheets, for example).

This means, however, that we can expect artificial intelligence to succeed in automating business processes when 1) researchers are able to focus on a specific problem, and 2) they are able to accumulate enough data to train a workable model. (Another criterion for success is that should aim to empower the people involved in the process, not replace them, but that is for a different discussion.) And where they succeed, people who work in those industries can expect to be spending more of their time doing interesting, creative work and less time doing dull, time-consuming tasks

Why is Artificial Intelligence So Useless for Business? – Matthew Eric Bassett, Ph.D.

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