The human computer interaction

I had been working on an idea to explore the HCI (human computer interaction) which merits a deeper dive. In the due course, I stumbled on this fascinating concept from the 70’s. How does the computer elicit a delusion in the mind of a subject to make them believe that they are interacting with a “real person”? The reason this merits attention (Eliza effect) is because of the growing importance in “telemedicine” where we need an actual human to make it successful. Unless we leverage the HCI in a proper context, it would be difficult to push through telemedicine.

Human: Well, my boyfriend made me come here.
ELIZA: Your boyfriend made you come here?
Human: He says I’m depressed much of the time.
ELIZA: I am sorry to hear you are depressed.
Human: It’s true. I’m unhappy.
ELIZA: Do you think coming here will help you not to be unhappy?

ELIZA effect – Wikipedia

I’d keep this thread alive to explore it- AI with extensive data sets, conversational interface and a mash up of data analytics sounds interesting!

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