Choosing the right hardware

I intend this blog post to be an developing post about choosing the hardware (and hence “product recommendation”). I intend to glean the learning from this experience, to frame the vexed question of buying the “right hardware” for individual use and scale it up for the enterprises.

My Mac Air is dying a slow death- the battery barely lasts for two hours now. It is a three-year-old device and has seen at least two major OS updates. I am not sure if this is an intentional throttling of the device (Apple has done that before). However, I have moved on to a browser-based implementation of my workflows and I don’t need dedicated hardware to run applications. I had been looking to run Linux, but it still suffers from a very poor third party software support (like Microsoft Office/ Dropbox etc).

There are credible, open source alternatives, but I digress. Open Office, while being free, has a cluttered user interface. It doesn’t compare well with say Apple Pages that has a minimalistic user interface. I am not an apologist, but it remains my opinion. The operating system has become redundant in a cloud first approach.

However, some portion of work still requires offline files to work with.

I will discuss this thread in follow up posts.

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