Feedback system

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A feedback system works like a binary system- you either like it or you don’t. However, the process of nailing down the likes or dislikes is very hard.

I was reading through a barrage of comments on the eventual death of blogging system; I feel that it is a problem of discovery. It boils down to finding time to actually do something worthwhile, rather than being caught up in the Twitterverse vortex; that has no escape. I won’t say that my methodology to capture essence is better (I am sure there are better workflows out there) but it is infinitely better than trying to learn it from social media.

Retweets, comments, likes appear to foster signals relating to “credibility” but those are Faustian constructs. You could be the king on Twitter but how does that translate into the real world? Does it make you smarter? It only makes you incredibly well networked.

Blogging, per see, brings forth those insights that you never knew existed. I read a lot that makes it better to sharpen the focus when I need to write thoughtful write-ups. Blogging lowers that threshold. Feedback systems (or trying to grow around a community), hence represents a waste of time.

Blog for yourself.


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