Open Source: Endorsed by the European Parliament


I have been a strong votary of open source software and have been strongly advocating its cause before I “fell” for the Mac. I think my reasons to switch were related to what I had read online about the proposed digital workflows using Mac software. I don’t think that it is superior in any way to the FOSS but the new iterations of the base operating system have worsened over time.

As applications have moved towards browser centricity and in the cloud, having native applications for the computer have become less and less important. Mission-critical software would, of course, benefit from the local instance but for a vast majority with a reliable internet connection, it would suffice. Please note, I am not advocating for the outliers or those who stay in spotty coverage. Good luck.

It is essential for the European institutions to retain control over its own technical systems, especially in a context of disinformation and foreign interference. Open Source promotes local technical support, leads to rapid development of software and helps to avoid dependency on specific suppliers or vendor lock-in effects, which exist when only one company is in charge of software or even the entire IT infrastructure supply.

Open Source Software also has potential for security improvements because it permits the identification and the fixing of weaknesses in a transparent and collaborative manner, while making it more difficult for hackers to introduce malware in the system.

This one is a press release, but it should suffice that AI and healthcare should look forward to open datasets too.

via European Parliament strongly recommends any software developed by and for the EU institutions to be made publicly available under Free and Open Source Software licence | | European Pirate Party

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