How has my idea to blog evolved?

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When I first started writing here, I had been focused on an idea for paraphrasing journal articles. I eventually figured out the best options for streamlining my workflow, and it was a wonderful learning experience.

Subsequently, I started focusing on issues that held peripheral interests; something that everyone could ascribe a value to it. While it may appear that there is no method to madness or that the blog appears to be out of whack, just sit back and join the dots and you would see a complete organisation of thoughts leading to a whole.

I have desisted from pursuing the ideas related to optimisations for the search engines or deliberately focus on conceptual ideas around newsletters. The AI has made massive strides, and I had covered GPT-3 algorithm a little while back. It would be simple to turn a set of keywords to “rewrite” and diss the human aspect of catalysing the thoughts.

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However, I have mentioned before and repeat it. It is essentially a “brain exercise”. It helps to condense your thoughts, and that ploughs back in the conversational style too.

Newsletters have now seen a renaissance and there is serious money chasing the clicks and email tracking for individuals. The market is small, but it appears to be growing. There has been a surge of ideas and I prefer not to track them because they appear to be a downward spiral of time.

A rewriting of contemporary news events or peddling your pet management theories might get you some clicks. For over a year, I had subscribed to a prominent newsletter that ended up a substantial rewrite of what was pushed out earlier. I swore off them as they didn’t provide a value perspective for me. I have desisted and resisted entertaining the idea for one. I prefer Telegram channels to push out the content at regular intervals.

I don’t endorse super expensive newsletters or journalistic sources (like The Information) but Jessica Lin had something interesting to say:

Concentrated information is worth paying for, but it is difficult to define the ROI. We usually know key business decisions through press releases and overpaying for the information is useless. As I mentioned before, it is a death spiral because it cannot address your key metric to learn.

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I have been lucky to broad-base my reading and hence draw parallels in how the events would shape up (and influence) the healthcare, as we know it. It is easier to call bluff to the fluff too; however, these investments are risky if seen from the perspective of policy planners (whether the local management or the government). They may justify a relative hype to blunt the eventual criticisms.

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Technology is a square peg that is being forced to fit in a round hole. They are hammering several use cases and that explains why most projects fail.

By blogging about several aspects or technology, machine learning and staying focused on algorithms, I have realised that you would find your own niche subsequently.

Here’s another interesting video:

Paul Graham also wrote something on writing useful.

Here’s another great long form on writing well (and with a purpose).

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