AI in Radiology: Covid-19 surge helps AI researchers amass lung scans

This is an exhausted-beat piece from Stat. For any alternative system, there has to be a verifiable and consistent effect- that serves to determine and appraise the advances. What I allude to is an aberration.

In one case, the AI detected signs of pneumonia in a man with no symptoms who was given a chest X-ray for other reasons. The patient was then tested for Covid-19 and found to be positive.

He was admitted when symptoms developed and eventually recovered.“We were much more proactive in hospitalizing him early,” said Christopher Longhurst, a physician and chief information officer at the University of California, San Diego. “We’ve seen a number of cases now where the AI is clearly influencing clinical management.”

Covid-19 surge helps AI researchers amass lung scans – STAT

It appears as if they are justifying the use case scenario for marketing expenses.

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