SoMe on Twitter is just a waste of time!

I stumbled on this find about a new species of fungus being discovered via Twitter. Well, it represents an outlier, and it is not clear if it is a clever plant but look at it any which way, and it represents an outlier; appears to be an incredulous example of “interaction of different scientists” to “mash-up ideas for a global conversation”,

There’s a word for it- bullshit.

Ana Sofia Reboleira points out that the discovery is an example of how sharing information on social media can result in completely unexpected results:

“As far as we know, this is the first time that a new species has been discovered on Twitter. It highlights the importance of these platforms for sharing research—and thereby being able to achieve new results. I hope that it will motivate professional and amateur researchers to share more data via social media.

These platforms aren’t for sharing research. Twitter was never mandated for “SoMe” but rather a medium to share “breaking news” and spawn an advertising network. Most users struggle with the idea of a browser, cookies and unlikely to even remotely consider taking their privacy back. I don’t expect them to understand the nuances of a social network designed not for collaboration but only linked to puff pieces and self-aggrandisement.

I represent an opinion against Twitter, and I understand most of the colleagues are beginning to get around it. However, good luck if you can wrap your head around the asymmetric conversations around hashtags. I am an old school veteran of following threads instead.

via Bizarre new species discovered… on Twitter

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