SoMe on Twitter is just a waste of time!

I stumbled on this find about a new species of fungus being discovered via Twitter. Well, it represents an outlier, and it is not clear if it is a clever plant but look at it any which way, and it represents an outlier; appears to be an incredulous example of "interaction of different scientists" to … Continue reading SoMe on Twitter is just a waste of time!

The DARPA Model of innovation

This is the article summary of an excellent series on HBR. First read this and the highlights follow. The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency arguably has the longest-standing track record of radical invention in history. Over the past 50-plus years, DARPA has produced an unparalleled number of breakthroughs, including the internet, global positioning satellites, stealth technology, MEMS, and carbon composites. The agency’s advances are … Continue reading The DARPA Model of innovation