Grammar Checking Tools: Recommendations

There are several tools in the market, and it hinges on the strength of their affiliate marketing reach. I had been using Grammarly for a long time but shifted away from it because of issues with the present Gutenberg blocks.

I checked out several tools- Ginger, Apotide, White Smoke, etc. However, I settled on GradeProof once they upgraded their back end and made it usable.

Grammer checking tools have different rules and have used “artificial intelligence” as their USP. I found it effective with GradeProof.

Linguix is another upstart; I dealt with them through a series of emails (including one with the founder). While they handled issues, I found that their product fit was below expectations. I would not recommend Linguix and you should not consider it.

You are also likely to encounter several websites dealing with their “coupons” (they are primarily affiliate marketing links) that make choosing a product difficult. Affiliate marketing involves sharing the proceeds of the sale back to the website owners. Since I don’t indulge in any of this, there is no link out to any of the mentioned products.

The mentioned products come in with their browser extensions- since my workflow involves the browser, it is a straightforward integration.

I hope you’d enjoy the recommendations that would aid your writing.

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