Is academia is about connections and reputation laundering?

This story got a lot of traction everywhere about the misrepresentation of the "statistics". We know how that would have panned out in medicine; no one bats an eyelid about "progression-free-survivals" now because that's been the norm. Perverted interests are not aligned with the benefits of patients or academics (as in the real world). I … Continue reading Is academia is about connections and reputation laundering?

Thoughts on science policy

I have ideating on healthcare innovation and recently wrote a long form on it. Although the seed of the idea came from a preceding work on rebooting science policy for developing countries). I had drawn insight from the contemporary American WW II efforts that had served the country in great earnest. Policy issues are delicate … Continue reading Thoughts on science policy

Grammar Checking Tools: Recommendations

There are several tools in the market, and it hinges on the strength of their affiliate marketing reach. I had been using Grammarly for a long time but shifted away from it because of issues with the present Gutenberg blocks. I checked out several tools- Ginger, Apotide, White Smoke, etc. However, I settled on GradeProof … Continue reading Grammar Checking Tools: Recommendations