Twitter hacked: Why it is a bad medium for academic exchange?

This impression was sobering

This was a coordinated attack on the internal systems, and anyone with the right credentials could easily manipulate “tweets”.

There have been many precedents of deplatforming of entities with contrarian views. Who will answer for Twitter when specific “academic truths” are hawked on the medium?

The answer is a decentralised medium controlled by niche communities to deliberate, and there are several solutions in the open source domain. Everything would otherwise come to a nought- the investments of time made in organizing communities and effort involved to “deliver tweets”.

I continue to maintain only a token presence with brief spurts of activity at present. Any generated “tweet” is only to help it monetise its platform, so in effect, you are working for a company for free.

Determine your needs- social interaction can be accomplished on channels devoid of algorithms.

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