Doctors Need a Webspace to Call Home – Get back to Blogging!!

Finally, Dr V agrees with me (I doubt if he’s reading this blog)! But this is what I have been stating categorically. Twitter threads are a terrible waste of time.

Assuming, I type out a thread. Only a portion of it gets retweeted. The context is lost immediately. Blogging may be a long-form tool that allows you to think logically and push out thoughts to a wider audience.

But in 2020 few doctors maintain sites that are their own. Ideas have taken the shape of Twitter threads — long serial tweets that are in-line with the Twitter conversation. And they definitely are a great way to share an idea. The problem is they are fleeting (they float away) and unapproachable to folks who aren’t Twitter users. Sure there are links floating around to some of the great ones, but Twitter is a conversation platform not a long-format content space. Despite what we tell ourselves, Twitter is not a place for archiving our best thinking.

I am assuming that Twitter gives a kind of social validation that the new users have grown accustomed to. You can’t always create an “immediate response” as on Twitter. Blogs take an inordinate time to travel, get discovered and gain “readership”.

Although, I eschew any form of usage metrics because pursuing them is again, inefficient. Hence, it is important to recognise this fact. My blog hasn’t overburdened (yet) and is unlikely to do. But write for yourself. It is wonderfully therapeutic.

via Doctors Need a Webspace to Call Home – 33 Charts

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