Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology

I agree with the assessments laid out in the HBR article, broadly. Not much of a problem as long as the leadership incentives are perfectly aligned with the goals for AI. I have written about it earlier as well. These changes are not driven by industry reports but a comprehensive assessment of what these tools can achieve.

So much of the current discussion on data is focused on AI (artificial intelligence), or specific types of computer intelligence, such as machine learning, deep learning, or natural language processing.

These powerful advances in AI are exciting, yet we don’t see them as the main differentiator for future-proofing your organization.

A much bigger competitive advantage is to harness valuable data, having the necessary skills to translate that data into meaningful insights, and above all being able to act on those insights. In our view, data without insights are trivial, and insights without action are pointless.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of this point, because too many business leaders operate under the false assumption that if they hire smart data scientists or buy fancy AI tools, their problems will go away, or they will somehow become more high-tech.

Data is the new oil but it needs to be refined to make it useful.

via Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology

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