Sony CEO Yoshida navigates coronavirus and activist attacks

It would be foolhardy to wear a futuristic cap and look “beyond the horizon” when the tech trends are changing pace rapidly.

I remember the time when the semantic web was the rage with a rash of PhD’s for “tagging” content. I still hold value in that promise versus the spate of unstructured data. Hiring patterns, endowments, backroom conversations and conferences usually shape the dominant narrative.

Howsoever, staid the Japanese companies maybe, they have perfected the art of making products that transcend these broad trends. So when the CEO speaks of something, I usually listen. While society as a whole may be xenophobic and extremely rigid hierarchical structures, it serves them well.

The last highlight is essential from the perspective of healthcare technology, wherein the 5G is being hyped for “remote surgeries”. I don’t foresee that happening beyond a few technology demonstrators because a lot depends on underlying technology; spectrum issues, interference, fibre etc.

Having restored investors’ trust, Yoshida prefers to keep his options open in a changing world. As its display at CES showed, he wants Sony to take a bigger share of the growing market for self-driving vehicles by selling packages of sensors, including crucial “lidar” vision sensors, to automakers. Further into the future, he sees Sony sensors and technology embedded in many devices. “I sometimes think that the ‘internet of things’ is just a transition to the ‘intelligence of things.'”

So the IoT would be more “autonomous” to gain “intelligence” of its own. It has enormous implications for the current technology and how we backport the future changes. (I have been thinking about the open designs too).

via Sony CEO Yoshida navigates coronavirus and activist attacks – Nikkei Asian Review

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