Challenges with distance education- similar to Telemedicine

The challenges in Telemedicine and distance education are similar. Although they have two different niches and the article sounds like a PR mouthpiece (and behind a paywall!), the key takeaway is the following:

“For teaching and learning to continue online, the basic requirement is an Android phone. But not all my students or their families have one. Besides, with recharge shops shut, many of them are not able to recharge their phones,” says Quanungo. Thankfully, the Delhi government, always proactive about education, acted fast, announcing free data packs for students.

But that is just one piece. To complete the picture, there are many others that have to fall in place. As of now, they are literally scattered all over. Schools and teachers have been trying to resume classes or keep students engaged using online tools. However, both teachers and students are facing challenges in several areas, ranging from gaps in teaching skills to lack of access to tech and personal space.

It is surprising because the author had followed up with an excellent write up Facebook’s investment in Indian telecom network.

via School’s out: Teachers and students struggle with patchy network, incompatible phones, and real engagement – ET Prime

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