The world needs a new, depoliticised WHO

The first session of the league of nations

This is an interesting history lesson and in continuation with what I had written earlier about WHO.

Global bodies can never be depoliticised; only permanent interests remain. The diplomacy trick is to convince everyone that there’s something for someone all the time. I am sharing this very fascinating blurb here:

Heidi Tworek, an academic specialising in the history of information flows at the University of British Columbia, outlined in a prescient 2019 paper how states and empires acquiesced to the “intrusion” of epidemiological intelligence in the interwar period because they saw its benefits. Furthermore, the need to keep data flowing to the League of Nations Health Organization, the precursor to the WHO, fuelled investment in international wireless infrastructure — thus forging the backbone of modern telecoms networks.

At the time, League officials described the LNHO as “a central fire-station in a municipal system of fire prevention”, overseeing “the world’s alarm system”. Amazingly, even Germany continued to send out epidemiological bulletins after Hitler rescinded the country’s league membership in October 1933.

The critical communication lines; perceived neutrality and trust. These three features would ensure proper compliance.

via The world needs a new, depoliticised WHO | Financial Times

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