What Will U.S. Health Care Look Like After the Pandemic?

It is a brilliant write up and highly recommended for the readers based in the US. There are a lot of swirling thoughts in the time of pandemic; however, the biggest takeaway from this crisis is that we shouldn’t be restricted or hamstrung because of the arcane regulations.

Predictive analytics is an emerging field and cancer research should focus on this before we actually start seeing spikes. Preventive healthcare and Telemedicine are doable aspects that would free up the capacity for future pandemics.

The current crisis has exposed yet another inadequacy of our current system of health insurance: It is built on the assumption that, at any given time, a limited and predictable portion of the population will need a relatively known mix of health care services. Predicting health care needs is thus assumed to be a stable and straightforward actuarial exercise.

I have never worked in the US healthcare system and I am not qualified enough to pass comments on the way the insurance sector pays out. It is convoluted mess that works for them, so the nationality there are best equipped to deal with it. I am a strong votary for the Singaporean system of healthcare (I intend to take this forward in some other post) and that has relevance for rest of the world.

It is important again to emphasise palliative care, improve infrastructure in psychological counselling and prepare for future pandemics, now.

via What Will U.S. Health Care Look Like After the Pandemic?

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